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THE GOSPEL HOUR INC., Oliver B. Greene, Founder

Our Current Radio Offer, Gift Offer D, is a special offer put together by the Staff in honor of David Greene, Current-Director of The Gospel Hour's Birthday this coming March. It includes a hardback book by Dr. Greene entitled "Bible Truth," two Audio CDs plus a cmplimentary copy of "The Gospel Hour News" newspaper. The first Audio CD contains a sermon (as preached live) by Dr. Greene at the Baptist Tabernacle in Chattanooga, TN entitled "3 Sermons Centuries Apart". The other CD included with this offer is a recently produced Music CD featuring classic Gospel Songs by the "Original Gospel Hour Singers" as aired on the program during the 1950's, it's entitled: "Favorites from the Fifties." All items are available for a Gift of $10.00 or more to this Ministry. Click Here to Order.

Previous Radio Offers STILL AVAILABLE:

Gift Offer C, is made in honor of Dr. Greene's Birthday, February 14, yes indeed he was a Valentines Day Baby. It contains a DVD entitled "From Disgrace to Grace (a Video Retrospective of the Life and Ministry of Dr. Oliver B. Greene), the DVD features the personal Conversion Testimony of Dr. Greene plus pictures, video and facts regarding key moments in his life and the ministry he founded. Also included with this offer is the Official Autobiography of Dr. Greene, a perfect bound book, written in his own words also entitled "From Disgarce to Grace". Finally, we have a sample each of two 32-page Soul-winning Booklets written by Dr. Greene that present the plan of Salvation to all who read them. One is entitled "Heart" and the other "Love-What the World Needs" both would especailly be effective and of intrest during the "Valentines" season. All items are available for a Gift of $20.00 or more to this Ministry. Click Here to Order.

Gift Offer B, contains a Radio Series on CD by Dr. Greene plus a hardback book by Mrs. Greene for a gift of $30.00. The Radio Series by Dr. Greene is entitled Faith vs Worry; a Two-Volume Set containing 40 Messages by Dr. Greene on 14 Audio CDs. Next we have a hardback book by Mrs Greene entitled Practical Messages for Spiritual Problems. The book discusses in great detail the Bible answer to questions regarding spiritual growth, prayer, faith and fear. Both items are available for a Gift of $30.00 or more to this Ministry. Click Here to Order.

Gift Offer A, The Bible Promise Book - KJV Bible; a brand-new devotional/study Bible highlighting more than 9,000 scriptures in some 150 categories. For many years, the Gospel Hour has carried the Bible Promise Book that has informed and inspired believers with it's simple-yet-profound collection of topically arranged scriptures. We are now happy to offer this Red-Letter edition of the KJV Bible that also incorporates the Bible Promises found in this book; now, both together, under an attractive, hardbound cover. The Bible Promise Book-KJV Bible is available in two colors-one a rose (garden) colored inspired cover (for the ladies) and the other a more traditonal gray with a dark blue binding. When ordering, please let us know which cover you would like to receive. The Bible Promise Book-KJV Bible is available for a Gift of $30.00 or more to this Ministry. Click Here to Order.

Order now on-line: to place an order now on-line, just click here to visit our Radio Offers Page. Of course, you may still order any of the above "Gift Offers" by mail or by calling our toll free number. Visit our Contact Us page to learn how!
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