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Our Current Radio Offer:

Gift Offer B (Our Current Radio Offer) This Offer contains the first volume of 2 separate Studies on Bible Prophecy. First we have volume one of "Noah Days", one of Dr. Greene's most requested & popular Radio Series. Available on CD for the first time, it contains 24 sermons on 8 Audio CDs. Next we have Volume One of "Sermons On The End Times," part of a collection of the more popular indiviual sermons preached by Dr. Greene on "End Times". This offer is available to you for a gift of $20.00 or more by clicking here.


Previous Radio Offers STILL AVAILABLE:

Gift Offer A - This Offer contains two books by Dr. Greene related to Bible Prophecy. The first item is Dr. Oliver B. Greene's verse-by-verse Bible Commentary on the Book of Revelation. This hardback book (576 pages) was recently reprinted and is once again available to you and also contains Dr. Greene's sermon "The Greatest Battle of The Ages". Also included with this offer is a softback book by Dr. Greene entitled: "Twenty-seven Sermons on The Second Coming" 40 pages; 27 Messages. This offer is available to you for a Gift of $15.00 or more to this Ministry. Order now on-line by clicking here.

Gift Offer Z - Our Mother's Day 2017 Special Offer contains the following four items and is made in honor of Mother's Day; it includes one book and three audio CDs. The first item is a perfectbound book by Mrs. Oliver B. Greene it's entitled: "Practical Messages for Spiritual Problems," 231 pages; 15 Messages. Next, we have an audio CD containing the song "Mother's Song" written and performed by Michael Ellis. Finally we have two other audio CDs ("Sweet Story of Old" and "He Tenderly Looked at Me") each containing a collection of favorite Gospel songs, as sung by "The Ladies" of The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians. This offer is available to you for a Gift of $15.00 or more to this Ministry. Order now on-line by clicking here.

Order now on-line: to place an order now on-line, just click here to visit our Radio Offers Page. Of course, you may still order any of the above "Gift Offers" by mail or by calling our toll free number. Visit our Contact Us page to learn how!
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