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A Treasury of Classic Radio Sermons Bible Prophecy A Verse-By-Verse Study of Daniel

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The Gospel Hour, inc

The Gospel Hour is a nonprofit Christian organization that has distributed fundamental Christian books, music, and CDs worldwide now for more than 60 years. Founder Dr. Oliver B. Greene wrote more than 100 books explaining the Bible.

During his lifetime, Dr. Greene traveled the world preaching the Gospel message in churches, tents, and auditoriums. His radio program, The Gospel Hour, is heard nationwide and now worldwide through the Internet. We make his books available to you, as well as other fundamental Christian books by some of the greatest preachers and teachers from the past. These provide you with a unique and rewarding learning experience.

A Treasury of Bible Truths & Ministry Helps!

Discover for yourself a treasury of simple Bible truths through books, preaching and Christian music in our NEW 2021 online Catalogue of Materials.

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This Week's Special Gift Appreciation Offer

As our regular listeners know we are a faith ministry totally supported by your free will donations. Any donation you make, in any amount, is important and appreciated. By donating, you are a part of The Gospel Hour ministry and can know your gifts, help us reach lost souls for Christ. This week, when you make a donation of at least $15 or more and ask for our current Radio Offer, "Gift Offer W", our special Mother's Day offer, we will send you the following 4 items. First, we have a paperback book by Dr. Greene entitled, "Assurance of Salvation". Next we have a CD containing an Interview with Mrs. Oliver B. Greene, sharing in-sight into how The GospelHour Ministry began and of her life with Dr. Greene, it's entitled "A Journey of Faith".  Also included with this weeks offer is a single copy of the 32-page soul-winning booklet "What Does it Mean to BELIEVE?" written by Mrs. Greene. Finally, we have a CD containing 11 great songs by The Ladies of The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians entitled, "He Tenderly Looked at Me". All 4 items are available with a Gift to this Ministry of $15 or more when you request Gift Offer "W".  Click Here to Order "Gift Offer W". Thank you again for supporting The Gospel Hour through your prayers and donations.

The Gospel Hour Radio Program
What's On This Week (Listen Online)

  • Monday-Friday (May 3-7, 2021) We continuue our weekday verse-by-verse study of the "Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians" by Dr. Greene
  • Saturday (May 8) Next Message in our Saturday only series on the topic of "Grace"
  • Sunday (May 9) Next Message in our Sunday only series "All Things, All Truth"

Become a Supporter of Soulwinning

  • According to Webster's dictionary, SOS is "the standard signal of distress internationally." HOWEVER, for us here at The Gospel Hour, SOS stands for Supporters of Soulwinning.
  • Each month through your gift you will be helping to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you will receive materials to help you in your personal witnessing ministry. Furthermore, each member receives the quarterly edition of the reprinted version of the original Gospel Hour News newspaper.
  • DOWNLOAD NOW our SOS Brochure online for complete details.
  • JOIN US IN OUR HARVEST OF SOULS! Click on the "Harvest of Souls" Picture and Scripture to DOWNLOAD a PDF of our Fall 2020 "Harvest of Souls" Mailout Letter and our NEW 2021 Catalogue of Materials to learn more.
Join Us In Our Harvest of Souls

Thank You! For your faithful prayers and support that help to make the work of this Ministry possible.


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*FYI: Several years ago, The Gospel Hour relocated its headquarters to the above address. Please feel free to give us a call for directions to our new location in Taylors, SC. You can visit us anytime during regular office hours.