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Dr. Oliver B. Greene's Ministry

During the 45-plus years of his church, tent revival, and radio ministry, Dr. Greene wrote more than 100 books, more than two-thirds of which are hardback. These range from verse-by-verse commentaries on various books of the Bible, such as Revelation, John, and Daniel, to study books where a particular subject, such as the Second Coming of Christ, is dealt with in-depth, to books filled with some of Dr. Greene's greatest sermons. Find these helpful and inspirational items here now in our Online Store and Catalogue of Materials.

Products from The Gospel Hour

Let the Gospel inspire you, in our online Catalogue of Materials, discover a wealth of fundamental Christian books, music, and sermons.

Visit our Online Ministry Helps store and download an MP3 audio file of a classic radio sermon by Dr. Greene. Or download an e-book for your e-reader.  Order books by Dr. Greene and Mrs. Oliver B. Greene and by other authors such as Dr. C. I. Scofield and Dwight L. Moody.  Collect Classic Radio Series and Sermons preached by Dr. Greene, Inspirational Gospel Music, Children's books, Tracts, soul-winning booklets and much more.

What are you waiting for?  If you are looking for good fundamental Gospel preaching, inspiring teaching, and wonderful music that will gladden your heart and inspire you, then look no further. Discover now for yourself a wealth of fundamental Christian books, music, and CDs in our Online Store and Gospel Hour "Catalogue of Materials".


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Important Notice Regarding Booklets & Tracts

It is against federal regulations to place booklets and tracts in or on mailboxes. Please do not violate anyone's privacy by trespassing on property or ignoring "No Solicitation" signs when distributing literature.

*Please Note: Items ordered online may show a greater gift amount than those found in our printed brochure to help cover the extra cost associated with online services. Also, all items and ordering options available in our printed brochure may not necessarily be available online.

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Looking for a KJV Bible?
The Gospel Hour has a great selection of KJV Bibles (including The Old Scofield 1917 edition Bible used by Dr. Greene). Our Bibles are not available online but you can order them by writing us or calling our toll-free number. To see a listing of what's available, download a PDF of our Current Catalogue of Materials.

All Through Ephesians A Series of Messages On Hell A Series of Messages On Grace A Musical Treasury from The Gospel Hour Noah Days Radio Series Under The Big Greene Tent-DVD

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